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That’s right Jet from DesertFox Airsoft will be on-site in our neck of the woods!
Come celebrate with us and maybe get an autograph!
Event info available here.
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Surely, we have all heard about Elite Force Airsoft and some of their amazing products. Well, they’ve recently release some new products that we are quite excited about.
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In this episode we talk about our new friends from LBX Tactical and offer you a chance to save some dough on your very own set of Project Honor Camo!
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In this episode we discuss something very near and dear to our hearts, The MACC. Be sure to like and subscribe.
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We hooked up with Matt Washington AKA SamuariMatt, Greg Wong AKA Spartan117GW and Josh Conwell from LBX Tactical for a Direct Action Mission at American Milsim’s Faded Giant 2.


Enjoy footage from last Saturday’s open play!
Medic Box

Building Push

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We’ve got the return of MAKO-TV News!

We’ve got lots of new gameplay available too!



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That’s right!


Scarecrow of MAKO Team talks about his BOB and why he picked certain things for his kit.
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